Every Lance Carson surfboard that you will see these days represents almost 60 years of 
surfing experience and almost 45 of shaping experience. I came out of the 1950s era...I was
there. I remember the shapes as well as that balance that is essential in longboard shaping.
And as of 2016, with many great craftsmen out there making high end wall art, I've decided
|to make what I call "utility surfboards".

This doesn't mean that I won't be making any wall hanger style quality surfboards. And it
doesn't mean that I'll be doing only production boards. They will be somewhere in between. You see, with the difficulty these days trying to find sources for balsa wood and high end glassing, one can spend endless hours on the phone or on the road just trying to see if a super
high end board can be done. These days, as I've gotten older, I can still make the kinds of
surfboards models that I've been making for the last 50 years without going too far "over the

So if you've ever considered riding one my time tested classics, please get a hold of me by
going to my "Contact" link above. And whether you mount yout new L.C. surfboard on the
wall or if you paddle out and ride it...either way, I think you'll be well satisfied, however you
want to use it.