I 'd like to announce that I'm beginning a limited 
sequentially numbered series of special hand shaped
surfboards. This will begin the first of the year, 2013
and hopefully run for two years or until two hundred
are sold.

These will be high end surfboards made with
various wood stringers and foam. Each will have
special numbering along with a hand written signature
and special sentiments and/or markings according to
the wishes of the customer. These special inscriptions,
however, will be reviewed in advance and must be within the limits of good taste, and according to my

As I've reached my senior years, I'd like to leave
something special behind. And these special pieces
will be intended for people of distinguished taste
who view this work as an art form rather than
surfboards made for the average surfer who is
looking for the average surfboard at a mediocre
          So for those who are seriously interested, please get a hold of me by means of the contact information on this site.  I'll look forward to working with you and 
leaving you with something special that you'll treasure for years...and possibly hand down to the next generation long after I'm gone.

Respectfully...LANCE CARSON STARTING PRICE...$ 5,000.00