The Chip
    In the mid to late 1940s, surfers were getting back in the water.  
WWII was over.  Surfing craftsmen such as Dale Velzy, Hobie Alter, 
Matt Kivlin and Joe Quigg were lookingfor new ways to make their
boards lighter in order to advance surfing performance. Balsa wood
had already been used on some of the finless v-bottoms back in the
late 30s. But those earlier versions were still very heavy and limited
maneuvers such as turns, cutbacks and kick-outs. So why not try to
design a new shape using all balsa?

As a little kid, I used to watch those guys ride their new "chips"at
Malibu. And recently, I've shaped about four of these from memory
until I got one that reminded me of what I used to see back then. My
version today is made of foam for rideability. But I prefer to accent
some of the fine points to give it that authentic look butwith just a
touch of class. I designed a mahogany low profile "D" fin for glass
on. The bala and redwood t-band center gives it a clean line along
with a little taste of the old days.

Paddle out on it or hang it on the wall...or maybe both! I'm proud
of this version. And I'd be stoked to help you get one into your