Basic Pintail
    Many people think of me for my pintails.  In fact, I've heard that 
some people think that's all I shape...pintails! And my Classic 60s
Pintail is the "flagship" of my shaping. So when surfers want to
inquire about getting a "pintail", some have a difficult time under-
standing the history and elegance of the Classic 60s model. That
pintail is an exact reproduction of the original signature model that
I did back in the 60s. It has a special template, fin, logo, and
stringers,...a high end package with a price to match. I don't allow
too many options on that original surfboard. I keep it "special".

So for those of you who want the basic look but not the special
price, here is the Standard Pintail. It doesn't have quite the elegant
look of the original Classic. But the good news is that with this
model, many options are availble. The best news of all is the price.
Option for option, this surfboard is a few hundred dollars less.
The outline is a more modern and fuller template. It is available
with the traditional trimmings such as double Volan glass and
three stringers. But you may prefer a single stringer, light glass
and custom colors and pin lines. Fin choices are available as well.

The Classic 60s Pintail...yes, that's what most prefer. But if this
model sounds more to your taste, then let's draw up something little
different...something custom for you.