Island Model
  Back around 2010, one of my pals asked if I would make him 
something a bit different for his longboard quiver. He mostly rides First Point Malibu. He isn't a big guy...body weight is
about 150 lbs. His board lengths vary from a 7' 6" hull design
to a 9' 0" longboard. He asked me if I would try shaping him
something like a traditional shape but with a shorter length,
somewhere around 8' 6" or 8' 8". The overall outline would
be a more slender shape, slightly narrower and not too parallel.
The nose curve has less ears and the tail has slightly less of a
hip. The blank is simple...single stringer, low profile rocker
and light glass. This model is availanle in a square tail as well
as a rounded pin. A mid-length flex fin works very well with
this model, as well as my smaller size longboaard fin. But
what I really found interesting was that thisdesign works great
at full length traditional lengths. I have recently shaped several
variations of this model from 9' 6" to 10' 0".