Power Glide Concave Noserider
    This is one of my best selling models.  Although I was never 
into concaves myself, many customers always asked me if I ever
did any. The problem that I always had with concave noseriders
was that too much emphasis was put on staying on the tip. Most
early noseriders were notorious for pushing water. This wasn't
good at point breaks, especially in bigger surf. So much attention
was given to the nose that other performance characteristics of
these models were lost. One of my pals in northern California
came to Malibu a few years back, trying to talk me into making
one of these surfboards as a prototype. And one evening at
dinner, we made a few sketches on a paper napkin. The overall
goal was simple:design a board that would put emphasis on nose
riding, while at the same time, not giving up any of the traditional
longboard moves. It has a specially designed nose riding, glass
on only fin, traditional rocker and rails. Another advantage is that
I offer different weights of glass to suit your preferences. Simply
put, I wanted this model to perform like a regular board. Success!