LC-3 Tri Fin
    To be very honest, I don't do too much of these anymore.  They 
aren't what I'm really known for. But recently, a neighbor who I
had done a tri-fin for some years back came to me to see about
getting a replacement board. After thinking about, I said "okay".
Just like some of my other specialty boards,I try to make this
hybrid as balanced as possible. Even with a flat bottom 60/40
down rail tail with a slight "V" near the fins, this lip smashing
longboard is still fairly conservative in its thickness and rocker.
A single stringer and very light glass is the call on these. It's
even available in a "sand only-no gloss" finish. So ride your
short board at the outer point in the morning...finish your day
on the inside on an LC-3 tri fin.